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My lower back and knee hurt so bad, I couldn't work. I tried medicine, going to my primary doctor. Since I've been coming to Dr. Dower I can work pain-free. My wife and family noticed the good changes I made almost immediately. I recommend Dr. Dower to others because chiropractic works. He is the BEST!

S. Stanek

I came to Dr. Dower because of migraine headaches I was having. My husband had been a patient of Dr. Dower's for years. before I came here, I tried lots of pain killers. Since seeing Dr. Dower my headaches are virtually non-existent. I also stopped grinding my teeth at night; and my urinary tract infections have subsided. Everyone has noticed the changes I've made.

I strongly recommend Dr. Dower to others because he is a miracle worker! He's easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable. I wish I had known about him years ago."

J. Stanek

I had lower back pain.... I heard about Dr. Dower from my massage person, Donna. Before I came here I tried another chiropractor and a heating pad. Since seeing Dr. Dower, my condition has greatly improved. My wife noticed the good changes I've made.

I recommend Dr. Dower to others because he listens; he modifies treatment when needed and gets right to the core of the problem.

J. McCamphill

I came to Dr. Dower with neck and shoulder pain, back pain and headaches. I read about Dr. Dower online--his reviews are GREAT!

I had tried other chiropractors, medicine and physical therapy…but since coming here I have no more headaches, no more pain and a looser feeling in my neck and shoulders.

My fiancée and family have noticed the good changes I’ve made. I tell others about Dr. Dower because he is friendly and sincere, genuinely concerned and wants to help. I can tell him about personal health issues without embarrassment and he knows how to help. He took x-rays to determine what was wrong before starting treatment, so that he knew the best ways to fix the problem.

S. Chiott

I had been suffering from numbness and weakness in both my hands for weeks. I went to my medical doctor who prescribed Mobic. (a drug) I continued to have the same problem and it even got to the point I couldn't even pick up pots or pans due to the weakness in my hands.

I became extremely concerned and consulted Dr. Dower to ask if chiropractic care would help. Dr. Dower explained that the problem was actually coming from my neck. The nerves were getting pinched, that came out of my neck and down my my arms.

Today, my symptoms are gone due to Dr. Dower's adjustments. Now I come in to stay well instead of waiting for problems to start.

C. Bowers

I had migraines for 3 months, they were unbearable. It was hard to get my head off the pillow, I was in bed for 3 days. Before coming here, I took Excedrin for migraines; I took Imitrex from my primary doctor who referred me to a neurologist. I had blood work and a 'stat' MRI, which showed I had 'nothing wrong.' The neurologist put me on a different drug and a water pill.

I heard about Dr. Dower from a co-worker at Wal-Mart who knew I was suffering with pain. Since coming here, it's a MIRACLE! I began treatment on Wednesday... and on Thursday I woke up without a headache for the first time in months! My co-worker John, who referred me here, noticed I'm smiling now.

I'm recommending Dr. Dower to others because he's a MIRACLE WORKER! He showed me that he cared; he explained my x-ray and he knew why I was in pain.

N. Lugo

I had numbness in my hands all the time. I heard about Dr. Dower through a family member. I had an MRI; I thought I had MS and the next day I came to Dr. Dower. Since coming here, the numbness is completely gone. My friends and family noticed the changes I've made. I tell others about Dr. Dower because he takes time to listen and he does a great job.

T. Stanek

I had cancer surgery and had a shoulder muscle atrophying due to the surgery. My massage therapist, Judy Monson, told me about Dr. Dower. I'd been getting massage therapy and using over-the-counter Advil for the pain.

Since coming to Dr. Dower I'm much better. I'd come in with a headache so bad--and he pops it and I feel great again. I have my energy back! He's the only one that helped totally fix that damaged muscle in my shoulder.

My family and my co-workers have noticed the good changes I've made. I've sent other people to Dr. Dower. I don't know anyone in the health field who is more caring than him. He has always taken the time with me to answer my questions...he's an amazing man!

J. Favero

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